Hightower North

Levels 17-19 | 3 Bedrooms | 3.5 Bathrooms | Den

Interior 3,510 Sq. Ft.
Exterior 817 Sq. Ft.
Total 4,327 Sq. Ft.

View from Hightower North Residence

All dimensions are approximate and all floorplans and development plans are subject to change. There are various methods for calculating the total square footage of a condominium unit, and depending on the method of calculation, the quoted square footage of a condominium unit may vary by more than a nominal amount. The total condominium unit square footages as shown are based on the “Architectural Method” of measurement and the exterior perimeter measurements of the condominium unit, which include exterior walls and interior columns, are fifty percent of demising walls. These square footage calculations are higher than the interior area space calculations for the condominium units. Please see the Declaration of Condominium document for more information.

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